To oppose Anthem, write to:

Dry Creek Road, Napa, CA 94558

Napa planning meeting re=scheduled to march or April

Our Neighborhood

Where we are and why Anthem matters.


The Dry Creek Road Alliance welcomes neighbors from Redwood Road to beyond Orchard Avenue. Between Dry Creek Road and Highway 29. If you use Alston Park, you know our neighborhood well. It's quiet, residential and free of commercial traffic. As it should be. It's not the place for a large commercial winery with traffic and noise and frequent events. Too many trucks. Too many cars. Simply too much.



As major wineries have filled the available spaces on Silverado and Highway 29, wineries have been forced to go deeper into the hillsides and residential neighborhoods. This brings commercial traffic into quiet areas of the Valley - places where we live.

Wineries today


We welcome small family wineries. But that is not Anthem. Not content with one label, the Anthem Winery will be the facility for several wines. With large visitation and frequent gatherings, it's an event space for parties going late into the night.